My name is Reinhard Blanke.

I am a specialist in trade, real estate and expansion. I believe that mutual trust is the best basis for good business. My method: Listen and work. Every day. My customer focus: Full effort on implementation. MAKEting - for traders and investors.

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The German market for retailers, online businesses and restaurateurs is intensely competitive. The challenges in terms of strategy, locations and personnel require experience, unconventional approaches and a balance of risk awareness and courage to take chances. “Lagom” is what they say in Sweden – the good middle. It is precisely this entrepreneurial attitude that describes our approach well for you. From strategy development to location opening, including finding the sales team for your first store. Full service concept. Let's talk to each other about your growth goals.




Dealers like to say: "The asses have to rub each other!" In these prime locations and retail parks you will find shiny shops, overpriced rental and investment properties, as well as opportunities around the corner. We help to distinguish one from the other across Europe, to negotiate and to open economically viable locations. On request: including sales team. Our customers set the pace.




Is there a blessing in purchasing? In rental agreements too. Years of running time, high multipliers or unplanned construction costs - every renegotiation as a landlord or tenant means large sums, even in descendant positions. Which you can save yourself. With us. Renegotiations, rentals and contract management in the portfolio of stores, branches and commercial properties.

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Investors day

Whether as a family office or institutional investor: every day is an opportunity day for investors. This also applies in times of financing risks or declining rental income. Sometimes potential lies hidden behind thorns, in the details of a purchase offer that is supposedly uninvestable. And other days, the perfect AAA asset actually comes with risks that only become apparent at third glance. A common example of this are unsustainable contract conditions hidden in supposedly secure contracts with remaining terms of several years. There is good advice when it comes to buying and selling a really solid investment. We find. You too?


LAGOM: From Swedish. "The good middle ground, not too much and not too little either." A good north star for best business.

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